If you are a runner, you know it is a whole-body experience that takes total commitment and focus. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual runner, just hitting the trail for the first time, or an experienced marathoner, this article will explain how CBD can help your body and mind feel their best so you can keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

How Running Affects The Human Body 

Consistent runners experience a variety of benefits. Studies have shown that running alleviates stress and improves mental health. Running is also commonly associated with improving cardiovascular fitness. 

On the flip side, running also takes its toll on the body. It can be hard on your joints (specifically ankles, knees, and hips). These joints often become inflamed and can cause great pain. 

If you’re just picking up running, your muscles will experience an increase in lactic acid build-up (aka – soreness). 

Running has great benefits to your overall health, but like all exercise, it comes with risks. So how can CBD help? 

Benefits Of Running With CBD  

Let’s explore the many benefits of incorporating CBD into your running routine. 

Studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system and cardiovascular systems are linked. The findings of one study demonstrated that CBD lowers stress, is a natural anti-inflammatory and improves the survival rate of white blood cells throughout the cardiovascular system. 

Not only are the endocannabinoid and cardiovascular systems linked, but because CBD works as a natural anti-inflammatory, the pain in your joints and muscles may decrease. 

How To Integrate CBD Into Your Running Routine

CBD is very easy to integrate! Consider taking CBD oil nightly to improve the quality of your sleep. Restful, restorative sleep is one of your best friends in any fitness routine. 

Try MTN’s Nano Energy Shot before a run to boost energy and fuel your body with essential vitamins and minerals! 

Lastly, after your runs, consider rubbing MTN’s CBD and Magnesium Topical Cream into your sore muscles and joints. This healing blend of CBD, magnesium, and other calming ingredients will help promote full-body relaxation while also reducing inflammation.