CBD has grown increasingly popular. Sneaking its way into restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries- But not on NYC’s watch. The city Health Department said Tuesday it’s prohibiting bars and eateries from serving food and drinks containing cannabidiol, or CBD, an ingredient found in pot that’s been touted as a stress-beater. Restaurant owners find this extremely surprising especially because of the expected legalization of recreational pot in the state.

The department has been “embargoing” products containing CBD – essentially bagging them and prohibiting their sale. It’s not the first time DOH has sought to remove a trendy ingredient, last year it told bars and restaurants to stop adding activated charcoal to booze and food.


Health officials say the popular hemp plant derivative, which is legal, skirts existing laws banning restaurants from putting additives in their meals and drinks.

As for what it’ll take for CBD to be legit enough to grace your next drink or doughnut, the health department said the Health Code requires a non-food item to be approved or “generally recognized” as safe by qualified experts.

The Health Department said it began embargoing food products containing CBD last month. It’ll start issuing fines of between $200 and $650, depending on the quantity found, beginning July 1.

So, five restaurants have been told to stop selling products containing CBD. None have been asked to throw out or destroy the CBD

In a New York Post article byByNolan Hicks,Rich CalderandTamar Lapin,they mentioned an interview with a consumer who has grown to know and love the benefits of CBD:

“Oh, man,” said Lucas Mireles, 22, when he heard about the ban. “That’s pretty disappointing. It really helps with social anxiety, physical pain and allows people not to have to resort to alcohol.”