CBD has made it into our everyday moments, whether we find ourselves feeling fancy or it’s just a plain old, ordinary day. We can choose to use a CBD bath bomb for an enhanced bath experience, we can sip a CBD cocktail, or we can take CBD oil under our tongue before bedtime. 

The possibilities to integrate CBD into our lives are virtually limitless. 

Hotels, spas, and salons have caught on to the growing popularity of CBD and have found ways to enhance their spa experiences for their clients. While I know I would love to go to a spa every week (I’m betting you would too), the fact of the matter is that a trip to the spa or salon is expensive. 

So how can we take the spa experience and replicate it at home using the plethora of CBD products available to us? Let’s explore some ideas! 

What Is CBD?

First things first, what is CBD and why would it be a nice addition to a spa experience? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a naturally occurring substance that is used in products like oils, lotions, and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike marijuana, however, it does not contain the chemical compound THC, which is known for its psychoactive properties. 

One of the highlighted benefits of CBD is its ability to reduce chronic inflammation, which is often a cause of chronic illness, anxiety, and depression. Integrating CBD into an at-home spa experience will not only benefit your mind but your body as well. 

Set Up Your Spa!

You’re likely overdue for treating yourself. Find a quiet, relaxing spot in your space, grab some towels, turn on some ambient music, and light some candles. Once you’re all set, consider incorporating these four suggestions into your next DIY spa day. 

Your DIY Spa Day

  1. Nourish from the inside – as you being your spa treatment, start by taking a CBD Rest Shot. This will encourage your body’s systems to relax and get in a peaceful state of mind. 
  2. Soothe your skin with topicals – if you take a bath, don’t forget to hydrate your skin afterward! MTNCBD’s CBD and Magnesium Topical Cream is a uniquely formulated blend of a Full Spectrum CBD Oil plus Magnesium to create an infused healing blend. 
  3. Take some time to be quiet and relax – a spa isn’t just what we put on or in our bodies, but it’s also about creating inner calm. Try meditation or prayer as you listen to your breathing and the quiet around you. 
  4. Finish with a facial oil – the thought of putting oil directly on your face may seem illogical, but since CBD helps regulate oil production and reduces inflammation, it has been found to work well when used on the skin. Try putting just 1-2 drops of CBD oil into a dime-sized amount of moisturizer and then rubbing this onto your face and neck. 

Self-care and relaxation are incredibly important because you matter. During these crazy, uncertain times we live in, it is more essential than ever to prioritize time to be quiet and care for your body and mind. Think about incorporating a CBD spa treatment into your self-care routine. 


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